Translated from the Japanese, Budokon means the way of the warrior spirit.

For me, it represents the union and exploration of the mind and body.

I began my journey with Budokon in 2017. I studied under the instruction of my teacher Cameron Shayne, and the process in becoming a teacher myself has given me another beautiful layer of philosophy, mental work and meditation in my life and work environment. 

Budokon is a modern movement style which consists of the ancient tradition of self-knowledge and inquiry combined with modernized mixed movement.

It is considered a science, art and philosophy practice which combines yoga with martial arts, calisthenics, animal locomotion and life science. 

The style was created as a practice for those seeking a higher level of agility, mobility, stamina, flexibility and strength.

On a deeper level, it is a tool of self-investigation. Through working to eradicate inherent weaknesses and unhealthy thought patterns, Budokon allows you to recognize your own worth, when to take action, and then to take a step back.

This trickles down into everything and ties into how you show up in your day to day life.

As a very diverse martial art, Budokon has allowed me to integrate all the aspects I came with. It has allowed me to master my body in strength, peace, flexibility, and longevity. It allows me to hold space for people, debate and have discussions - the mind science of the practice is a crucial point of Budokon training.

It is a balance, a dance of looseness, always embodying the pride of the warrior.

warriors bridge.jpg