Think. Move. Live. How I hacked my mentality towards Movement

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Ok guys honesty time here... my mind used to suck big time! From self sabotage to terrible ideas, fad diets, silly workout plans I've done & seen most of whats out there. I used to go to extreme lengths so friends and family are more than used to me being the weirdo in the room. So here's what I found worked for me and maybe you'll find one or two truths for you!

I have to workout all the time and if I miss a training day I'm a loser and I'll never be fit. Sound familiar? Well I was the grumpiest individual whenever something didn't go according to plan so being patient and actually just building healthy habits and more importantly a mindset that leads to a sensational feeling rather than a brick wall of muscle.

These days I'll settle for feeling well any day. So here are some easy tricks I use to feel amazing.

1) Mindset: 
In todays age we live in a instant reward society where everything needs to be now. For you body that quick change is just not realistic now knowing this theres two things that made things a lot easier. Whenever I caught myself thinking that I'm unhappy with my body i simply started imagining me already with the wanted physique, doing this often will get you to your goal a lot quicker. Another great trick is to use the instant reward mentality to your advantage. Whenever I catch myself not being happy about the speed of my progress I change that energy towards the one thing (action) that'll get me closer to my goal

2) Habits:
I had a phase where i was quite chubby, I had let myself go.  In order to lose the extra weight around my waist i turbocharged my fat loss by doing some exercises like push ups in the morning. Couple that with a cold shower to activate your brown fat tissue (tissue to produce heat) which will then result in white fat loss. A side benefit to this is that both raise your mood to set your day right from the start. Getting in some small exercises and changing your environment for success made the difference too. Start using the stairs get off the bus a stop earlier and so on.

3) Training VS Practice
I've found that when I set my mind to a specific goal e.g. handstand a new personal best and such i automatically start to have a practice to support the goal I no longer have "training days" where I exercise and hour but add in small practices throughout the days now even if it seems small this accumulates quite a bit of movement.

I hope some of these tricks might help you and if you've some tips to share feel free to send me a message!

Until next time your



Kevin Scheepers