Entirely customized to your current situation, my personalized meditation is open to all.


A revolutionary approach to the practice, I provide you with a personalized, guided meditation tailored to you and your day-to-day activities. 

I begin the process with a thorough interview which allows me to unpack the areas in your life you are needing to focus around and work with - whether it is at home, in the workplace, or in any aspect of your day. 

I then create and record personalized meditations tailored to suit your day, according to your time schedule and the time you are wanting to invest in the practice.

This is a custom meditation which fully applies to your life. It can be recorded in such a way, so that you feel directly addressed and are able to digest what is being said through the guided process.

These can include:

  • Morning affirmations

  • Evening wind-down

  • Pre-meeting affirmation and nerve calming

  • Relationship assistance 

Through diving deep into yourself by directing your attention towards your daily activities with a clearer mind, this is a practice which allows for overall lifestyle improvement.

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