About Me

With over 20 years of experience in various fields, I am a fitness and mindfulness coach, with a holistic approach to my many practices.


Today I work with a revolutionary, philosophy-based training method I have developed.

This combines physical training with meditation and mindful practices, allowing for a full-spectrum opportunity for growth and strength of the body and mind. 

I work to provide solutions for people to achieve their goals, decrease everyday stresses and allow them to be more authentic in their own lives.

I began my Martial Arts journey at 6 years old and have been practicing a variety of movement mediums for the last 2 decades.

From a foundation of karate and Shaolin Kung Fu (hung gar), I turned to Muay Thai, boxing and later CrossFit where I worked as a personal trainer. When these practices began to feel like endless repetition, I turned to find something more. 

In 2011 I moved to Japan to pursue a lifelong fascination with the country and culture. The Japanese live for the collective, not the individual, and with this in mind I dove into the studies of their philosophies, principles, symbolism and taoism & zen Buddhism.

I co-founded Unlimited, a start-up in Switzerland which pursued a philosophy-geared approach to holistic health through personal training, nutrition, stress level management - all with an individually tailored approach. 

I successfully exited the company in 2017 to pursue my true passion of Budokon, and become a teacher of the distinctive movement technique under the tuition of Cameron Shayne.


This life-long journey has brought me to the work I do today.

Embracing warrior culture, and changing the way we relate to the world and to each other, I unite mindful and physical practices to offer a wholesome wellness regime which allows for growth on all levels.


Work with me and step into your warrior self

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