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the way you do anything is the way you do everything - CS

think. move. live.


Who am I?

Former Crossfit enthusiast turned Mixed Movement Artist, after endlessly feeling like everyday is "Leg day" and hit by a truck fighting fatigue and illness I started to search for something more. Finding out about moving well quickly sent me on the path to become a Budokon teacher. Now being a red belt for a well rounded mixed movement system combining things  like martial arts, yoga calisthenics and animal locomotion work all added with philosophy that changes the way we think and move through every day I feel healthy and stronger than ever not just physically but mentally.


Read my mind

Have you ever found yourself wondering what people on the street or even your teacher or coach is thinking? Well here you go access my mind and find out what I'm pondering all day. Also feel free to et me know what you think!


Move with me

In todays life we often make a too big of deal around having to exercise when what we really ought to do is move more in general. I encourage you to come play with me and explore!


Regular Schedule

Seriously people I know how it is in order to get the right habits in you need to do something regularly. To immerse yourself in the experience here's the when where and whats -


Upcoming Workshops